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4 reasons why you and your children
will love glamping

Have you ever thought about what ' glamping ' is? Glamping is actually more like camping, but with all the comforts of home. So it's perfect for those who want to go camping but find it hard to leave the usual conveniences of a house, especially if you want to camp with your children who are so used to sitting in front of a computer or using their phones. Plus kids and glamping are a good mix!

Here are four reasons why you and your children will love glamping...

1. Spending quality time with relatives

A family glamping and children having fun
Photo credit: Jessica Rockowitz

Even when everyone lives in the same house, your children can spend just as much time in their room.

Especially if you have a teenager, he or she may sometimes feel as if they are living in a completely different country. Or you may be so busy with work that you have almost no time for the children.

While glamping, the only thing you'll be doing at your glamping site is spending quality time with the family, whether it's having a barbecue, singing songs by the fire or playing outside.

In other words, you can't get away during glamping - but why would you want to!

2. Get the chance to explore new things

With children and adults glued to the screen for longer than is normal, going out camping is a great opportunity to relax.

Putting your phone away at the minute could even be a challenge. Fortunately, with glamping, screen detox is much, much easier.

With so much to do while glamping, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing and more, you and the kids will have a great time. The phone will most likely be left or forgotten for a while in the tent.

A family glamping and children fishing
Photo credit: Fiona Jackson

3. Having a racing heart

Children on the Huttopia glamping site
Photo credit : Huttopia

Fresh air and exercise are two things you can use during your glamping trip.

Whether it's hauling gear to your campsite or taking a walk to the nearby lake to sit and relax, you and the kids are constantly surrounded by fresh air that brings benefits.

In addition, your muscles are constantly being used, which means that they are slowly being trained to become stronger.

Do you know what follows after a good exercise and fresh air? Serotonin! That's right. You and the kids can enjoy this feel-good hormone on a glamping trip. If you find that the days are slow and everyone seems so grumpy, it's probably time to pack your bags and go on a fun trip!

4. Stimulating the adventurous soul

Even if you or the children are quiet at home, there is always that urge for an exciting adventure. If none of you have that desire, then the joy of a glamping holiday can be the spark that lights the fire!

When you're on a fun trip with the kids, you're going on an adventure. Surrounded by unfamiliar settings and an environment that encourages creativity and adventure, don't be surprised if you are always in a state of curiosity and need to explore.

Photo credit: Torsten dederichs

There are so many reasons that come to mind for you to go on a glamping trip, the reasons mentioned above being just a few. But if you only need one reason to go on a glamping trip, it's the fact that you and your children will eventually need a break from everyday life. Imagine waking up to go to work and coming home tired every day, or waking up to go to school and coming home doing the same things over and over again. It gets boring, doesn't it? Bring the spark back into your life with a dazzling adventure!

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