When the Destination is the Journey

Glampsource was born out of our desire to reconnect with nature through the luxury of glamping accommodation.

We realized that behind the companies, there were entrepreneurs who were involved in much more than just operating hosting products. They are proud and passionate people who are active on a daily basis, taking care of their land, water and the people in each of their communities, allowing us to discover the richness of their regions. 

For us, the system of large rental platforms does not allow us to adequately value these hoteliers by nature, to discover them and to fully realize all that they do for their communities.

Since 2019, Glampsource has been dedicated to creating a community eager to renew its relationship with nature through glamping experiences that connect with our land and the people who enrich our regions.

Our vision is to encourage a change towards healthy and sustainable lifestyles and we have made it our mission to unearth and share unique, authentic, picturesque, tailor-made and sometimes quirky glamping experiences.




Project manager and vision manager

Hello, I am Christian Lefebvre, a proud entrepreneur with 26 years of retail, distribution and manufacturing experience in the sports fashion industry. 

Researcher, trendsetter, glamping expert, link builder, I am the vision behind the Glampsource and Glamping Station project. 

Ethics and aesthetics agent that brings people together to highlight brand stories and experiences. I am inspired by nature and creative people. 

My goal is to create and build inspiring businesses that have a positive and lasting impact on society while balancing goals and profit.


[email protected]