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It takes a village...

As of 2019, Glampsource is a brand dedicated to creating a community willing to renew its relationship with nature through glamping and agri-tourism experiences, allowing us to connect with our land and the people who enrich our regions.

For us, the system of large rental platforms does not allow us to adequately value these nature hoteliers, to discover them and to fully realize all that they do for their communities.

Behind their businesses, we met entrepreneurs who invest much more than simply operating their lodging businesses. They are proud and passionate people who work and contribute daily to the good of their community, who take care of their land, water and people, allowing us to discover the richness of their regions.

In partnership with them, our vision is to encourage a shift towards healthy and sustainable living. Our mission is to find unique, authentic, picturesque, tailor-made and sometimes eccentric glamping experiences and to share them with you.

Today, Glampsource's website and social networks are a platform for a community that directly connects owners and their terroirs to their local ecosystems and nature lovers. We hope that this platform will simplify holiday planning while promoting the glamping, agri-tourism and outdoor industries!

When the destination is the journey...

And if we saw the human...

To encourage change towards a new way of discovering the richness of our regions.

Chief Visionary and Project Manager

I am Christian Lefebvre, a proud entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in retail, distribution and manufacturing in the sportswear industry.

Researcher, trendsetter, glamping expert, link builder, I am the vision behind the Glampsource and Glamping Station project.

As an ethics and aesthetics agent, I bring people together, to highlight stories and brand experiences. I am inspired by positive, creative people and the environment they inhabit.

Through an innovative perspective on tourism and with the support of our community, our vision at Glampsource is to create and build inspiring brands and businesses that have a real and lasting positive impact on society while balancing purpose and profit.

Welcome to the Glampsource and glamping community!