The season of discoveries

4 fall getaways to plan

Fall is just around the corner, and Glampsource has decided to make this the season of discovery! That's right! The heat waves are over, the air is lighter, but the days are still beautiful! The light is beautiful, the trees are putting on a great show, it's the perfect opportunity to set off on an adventure!

1. Tasty tours, local discoveries

Enjoying the autumn sunshine with a drink in your hand? You bet! With a tour of vineyards or microbreweries, you can kill three birds with one stone: you'll enjoy the magnificent scenery, discover local products and encourage passionate artisans! With friends and lovers, you can plan your itinerary before departure, or let yourself be inspired by the day's activities and suggestions. You can end the day with a night of glamping! Ah, sleeping in the forest, well wrapped up, when the nights get cooler, happiness! If you're passing through the Eastern Townships, why not take advantage of the experience of an ecoresort at the Station du Chêne Rouge?


2. And this has been called the forbidden fruit? Pfft!

What's your favourite kind of apple? Here, after consultation, it's Spartan. Sweet, crunchy, juicy, it's a pure delight! The ultimate pleasure is to bite into an apple you've just picked. It will never be better than this moment. And to experience that feeling, you have to go apple picking! If the activity itself is not a discovery, the orchards are all unique!

And let's face it, apple picking remains a classic and a must for early fall. Why not combine this getaway with a picnic? And don't forget to fill your picnic basket with products from the region where you are! We're getting closer to a perfect day!

3. External markets: abundance

In recent years, public markets have multiplied, and their end of season is an opportunity to stock up on food! Just imagine: you've treated yourself to a dreamy glamping night, and before returning home, you stop at the local public market. Choose your vegetables of the week, talk with local producers, try a new cheese, discover a maple grove, fall in love with mead, and finish it off with a cup of coffee in the morning sun!

There are many public markets and they are worth being known. We leave you here the link to all the public markets in Quebec, and we wish you good discovery!

4. Conquering new spaces!

There are many parks, trails and nature areas to discover; Quebec is generous in this regard. This fall, why not challenge yourself to explore new ones? Why not try a forest bath? The presence of trees reduces stress, wind noise in the leaves, clean air, our footsteps on the ground (away from the asphalt), there are only advantages to plunge into the heart of a forest! Knock on wood! Let this nature give you energy, and plunge into the charm of autumn!

By the way, if you go to Bas-Saint-Laurent region, the Bic National Park is a treasure to be discovered. Just a stone's throw from it, you will be able to see the Vieux Loup de Mer, another treasure if ever there was one, a glamping site where you can spend the night in a cottage that has been moved and rebuilt room by room, with a view of the St. Lawrence River.

Now all you have to do is choose which discoveries you will make this fall!


Marjolaine Quintal

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