Ode to the St. Lawrence


On the edge of Bic National Park, in the St. Lawrence Maritime Estuary, are 15 timeless refuges, unique hotel cabins whose names evoke the open sea, the salty air and the immensity of the river. Summer and winter alike, this glamping accommodation site promises discovery and wonder!

The river as you've never seen it.

Walking on the ground of this site, one has the impression that the cottages have always been there, waiting for the traveller to offer him a well-deserved rest. In reality, they appeared, one by one, without disturbing the century-old trees that had priority. Hard to believe? Not once you get to know Martin and Jean-Luc, two attentive hosts, and determined to offer the most authentic glampingexperience there is at Le Vieux Loup de Mer! Glampsource had the great pleasure of chatting with them.

The Adventurer, the Nordet, the Sea Wolf, the Smuggler... The names evoke the open sea, the salty air and the sun disappearing on the horizon. Each of the wooden houses located in the Baie-Rose area has its own personality. Whether you choose one of the Chic-Shacks with their unparalleled comfort and irresistible charm, the cottages overlooking the shore, facing the river, or the cozy cottages nestled in the hollow of the cliff, you know you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of the immensity and beauty of this corner of the country whose heart beats to the rhythm of the tides. Most of the glamping chalets were transported, piece by piece, by Jean-Luc, who went in search of log houses. It's simple," he tells us, "just take them apart, number the parts, and put them back together once on site. »

Ah! Yes!! Very simple!!!!

The result is striking: each of the houses is wrapped in the landscape, the huge trees have kept their place, it's purely magnificent. An artist's work! And the interior is just as enchanting. Martin and Jean-Luc, who have long been lovers of flea markets, have a stock of treasures that give a soul to each of the cottages. And you can feel this soul as soon as you open the door!

Empty the tank during the day, fill it up at night!

As you sleep right next to the Bic National Park, you have another natural treasure at our disposal that you must explore! Hiking, swimming, paddle surfing, biking, climbing, and so many other ideas to get away from it all! The principle is quite simple: in the morning, when you get up, you decide what tempts you the most, and off you go! If you run out of inspiration - which would be amazing - ask Martin or Jean-Luc for advice, they will be happy to share their favourites.

A day glamourist at the Vieux Loup de Mer, or a long distance traveller, you must take the stairs that give privileged access to the shore. Nothing regenerates as much as direct contact with this force of nature that is the St. Lawrence River. When the sun goes down, the entire sky is set ablaze, it's breathtaking! Omnipresent on the site, this benevolent neighbour rocks us and makes us dream of the craziest adventures! When we return from a day of exercise, we open a good bottle, sit on our balcony and enjoy the moment.

20 years of impeccable hospitality, and it goes on and on.

The story of Le Vieux Loup de Mer began in 1999, when Martin and Jean-Luc bought a small Swiss chalet, which is still on the site. At the time, it takes a good dose of imagination to glimpse the possibilities of this loveless dwelling. Imagination, and vision, these two are not lacking in it! Over the years, the cottages have multiplied, transported one by one by Jean-Luc (yes, we repeat ourselves, but have you understood the amount of work????), the offer has diversified, the operation has become more precise. In 2006, Martin started working full time on the project, joined in 2011 by Jean-Luc. Today, we enjoy a top-of-the-range service, we are treated to the little onions and we can forget all about outside life for the time of a fabulous stay.

That's what they're all about, both of them: reception and hospitality. Martin strives to ensure that everyone's stay will be unique and memorable, and from the amount of delighted comments he receives, we know he's aiming for the bull's-eye! As for Jean-Luc, he acts on the ambiance, the decor, the atmospheres. If Martin is the director, Jean-Luc is the artistic director!

A thousand thanks to them for enabling us to discover this incomparable refuge.


Marjolaine Quintal

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