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diversity in glamping

Diversity in glamping

Promoting diversity
in glamping and outdoors

By Ariel Bélanger

May 21 marked the World Day for Cultural Diversity. As glamping, agri-tourism and local activities enthusiasts, we are constantly exposed to the diversity between the beautiful regions we discover and we can be proud to be interested in the different cultures, the history of others and the richness of the connections that our discoveries bring us. This is why we have collaborated with Mary Soueidan to explore the topic of diversity in glamping and the outdoors.

Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

Mary is a Montreal-based content creator who radiates her passion for travel and shares her adventures in the city and in nature. Ambassador for the Daughters of the NorthAmbassador, she writes blog posts that provide advice to outdoor enthusiasts who are still in their early stages of exploration.

It was while discovering her husband's native region, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, that Mary became familiar with the outdoors and glamping. Today, she is passionate about these moments in nature and the local discoveries she makes beyond her career as an occupational therapist.

Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

Mary has always dreamed of travelling and as a Montreal-born daughter of Asian and Middle Eastern parents, she also raises awareness in her community of the issues faced by visible minorities when leaving the big city to rejuvenate in the regions.

Diversity is a subject that is very close to her heart and as part of the World Day for Cultural Diversity last Friday, she shared with us her advice as a friend to be aware of diversity in the region.

"I felt this discomfort when visiting areas outside of Montreal when I first started hiking with my Quebec husband, about 5 years ago now. It was micro-gestures that made all the difference to me [...] These gestures may be imperceptible to some, but hurtful to someone who notices them. »

We tell you how you can use these tips to be more inclusive on your next glamping holiday.

1 - Greet or smile at everyone without assuming they don't speak French

Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

When you go away from your cabin in the woods, your mini-cabin or your yurt to walk on the trails, you often cross paths with other outdoor enthusiasts.

It's a short moment but it makes our day even brighter, because not only do we connect with nature, but also with people who share the same passion as us.

A "hello", a smile or even a simple nod can be enough as a sign of politeness to any hiker or tourist you meet on your way, without exception!

"I would like people to remember this: you may come across someone on your way who has never hiked or visited your area; greet them and offer them a smile to encourage them in their explorations so that they have good memories.

A simple but effective action! Little things make a big difference - you just have to put them into action.

2 - Look at each person as a friend enjoying nature, like you

Coaticook Microbrewery
Photo credit: Microbrasserie Coaticook

When you enjoy the spa, a microbrewery, a beautiful terrace or the beach, don't forget that if other people enjoy these places of diversity in glamping, they are also there for the same reasons as you: to recharge their batteries, to breathe, to relax, to unwind. Nature is a big family where everyone is equal.

"This issue is important to me because everyone is entitled to the same thing: respect for others, no matter what our ethnicity is or what we look like. More than ever, people are recharging their batteries outdoors and finding a safe haven from the city; I believe that nature should be accessible to all and remain a place where there is no judgment. »

3 - Encourage people who are trying a new activity without judging them

Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

Do you remember the first time you climbed a mountain? When you stood up on a paddleboard? Riding a bike? Great moments, weren't they? You probably didn't have the same level of graciousness as you do now... or maybe you do, if you're a great sportsman! Whatever your level, remember your "firsts" when you see someone trying a new activity.

4 - Ask someone directly if you are curious about their background

Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

Travelling and discovering new places brings us so many beautiful meetings and conversations. We can also make beautiful human discoveries when we are interested in others (as beautiful as the landscapes we admire!). 

5 - Be respectful in your interactions with others

Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

Because with the beautiful summer heat and time spent outside, the sun gives us all a natural complexion, and whether you're one of those who keeps a milky complexion or one who grills like a little crab, let's stay respectful when it comes to skin colour. 

6 - Connect with people from different backgrounds on your social networks

Mary Soueidan
Photo credit: @mary.swaydan

Are you also one of those who, even when not travelling or in the open air, thinks, talks and dreams about the outdoors? So do we!

And the best way to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of glamping diversity and agri-tourism is to follow pages and people who talk about it.

You can make the experience even more enjoyable by following diverse people who bring you quality content that is different from what you are used to seeing.

"I believe that conversation is the key. Talk to your friends or acquaintances from diverse backgrounds to understand the issues they have experienced or continue to experience. If you don't have friends from a visible minority, try listening to podcasts or videos that can enlighten you on certain points of view that you may not have known before. »

Here are a few outdoor accounts that Mary recommends you follow to see more diversity on your Instagram:




And who are the people who inspire you?
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