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Types of glamping

Mini chalet

Approximately 300 to 600 square feet, sleep small and dream big in the mini-cabin.

Micro chalet

Approximately 100 to 300 square feet in size, the micro-cottage offers the essentials for a comfortable stay.


Hidden away from it all, cottages are the ultimate refuge. The architecture of a cottage resembles our single-family homes, but...

Dome / Bubble

Domes and eco-domes are for travellers looking for a unique glamping experience in Quebec...


Our unusual category is dedicated to glamping places that dreams are made of.

Glamping Tent

Sleeping in a tent is the best way to connect with the nature around you.

Cabin and Treehouse

Modern architecture and construction have made it possible to erect these cabins in the most enchanting locations.


They can be used as permanent or mobile accommodation to soak up different regions!

Floating House

Floating homes bring a sense of serenity and soothing calm like no other.


Surrounded by wilderness areas, nature lodges are structures like hotels and resorts.

Shepherd's wagon

Shepherd's wagons are some of the most unique glamping accommodation available, with their eccentric, country character.


Discover our collection of original motels that offer travellers and adventurers an unforgettable glamping accommodation experience in Quebec.


Explore our collection of luxury lodges for travellers looking for five-star amenities and quality service.


Staying in an eco-hut or glamping chalet gives you the opportunity to commune with nature while enjoying pure luxury.

Hobbit's House

As described in the famous book, hobbit houses are not just holes in the ground!


The pods, shaped like a semicircle, are usually made from local, natural or recycled resources, while keeping the comfort aspect.

Farmhouse / Barn Stay

Barns and farmhouses are built or renovated to accommodate the discerning traveller seeking a farm experience.


Erected in a triangular shape, the form and design allow the tipis to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.


The yurt design has been resurrected by many properties seeking to offer unique accommodation with a low carbon footprint.


Quebec has more than 80 lighthouses, these emblems of navigation that offer a romantic image of the coastal landscape.

Nordic Architecture

With a climate similar to that of the Scandinavian countries, our architects can be inspired!


It's time to get off the beaten track and borrow your brother-in-law's tent from the back of the closet!