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As experiential and eco-tourism trends grow, glamping has become a very attractive option. Proximity, simplicity and price make glamping accessible to a wide range of travelers - wellness seekers, millennials, families, couples... As a vacation site owner, it's this unique experience that elevates you above your competitors.

A new approach based on you

Using technology, creation and collaboration, let's write a new chapter for your business. We support Quebec camping and glamping companies in their growth strategies through customized business development services.

Coaching, governance support and operational advice

The first step for any company is to identify and define realistic objectives. We help you define your competitive universe and identify the opportunities to seize in order to increase your sales. The objective is to guide you through the different avenues of reflection so that you can evolve by yourself. This service is ideal for companies wishing to build a certain marketing autonomy with your staff and customers.

Planning and support for marketing tactics

Our strategic guidance supports your organisation on its way to success. We are at your side to support your marketing activities so that your company becomes a leader in the market. This service is ideal for companies wishing to set up a marketing structure by taking control of their sales and improving their image in order to consolidate their position as market leader.


Glampsource helps you design marketing tools, but also understand how they work, how best to use them so that you can make them profitable. By developing and maintaining the right strategy, we ensure that you are consistently visible to your potential customers, whether it's building your social media presence or establishing business partnerships and influencer collaborations. This service is ideal for businesses that want to independently manage their marketing and increase their profit margins at their own pace, on their own.

Establishment of partnerships, synergies and search for funding

We help you identify and create the best local synergies for your customers to have an unparalleled regional experience.
We help you with the various economic programs.
Focus on your key and core activities that only you can do.

Your customers...without intermediaries

Let us help you regain control of your customer relationships.

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