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A group getting ready to enjoy a delicious meal at one of our top 10 restaurants in Quebec

Top 10 Quebec: where to eat near Station Chêne Rouge

By: Julie Roy

If you are going to stay at the Station Chêne Rouge, we invite you to discover our top 10 places in Quebec to eat and drink best places to eat and drink nearby. Eating well is one of the most important things you can do on vacation. Whether you're going alone, with friends, or on a romantic getaway, we've found some fabulous places to eat and drink.

Of course, you can also cook your own meals at Station Chêne Rouge! All the mini-cabins have their own barbecue. If you bring a grill for the fire, you can also grill your own food over the fire!

Our top 10 are mainly for those who want to to experience culinary delights and discover and discover restaurants and craft breweries in the region. Get your taste buds ready for a gastronomic trip that will make your mouth water, because there is no shortage of good restaurants in the Eastern Townships!

We have classified our top 10 in 3 categories: the splendid city of Sherbrooke, the generous region of Magog-Orford and finally, the jewel of the Eastern Townships, North Hatley. Also, check out our "bonus" section at the end of the article to discover some hidden gems!

Top 10 Quebec: where to eat in Sherbrooke


1. Many microbreweries to discover in Sherbrooke

The Eastern Townships are definitely a vacation destination to discover for glamping and microbrewery lovers. Sherbrooke is located only 15 minutes away from Station Chêne Rougewhich makes this beautiful city the perfect place to eat.

We can't talk about restaurants near Station Chêne Rouge without mentioning the Siboire microbrewery. In addition to serving beers with a unique and delectable taste, this micro offers a delicious menu. Scallop croquettes as an appetizer, fish n' chips "à la Sherbière" as a specialty, bison tartar and salad, sandwiches and desserts - in short, these are not the only options. in short, there is no shortage of options!

We also recommend La Mare au Diable, another micro in Sherbrooke with a good menu and delicious beers brewed on site. Enjoy a delicious beer onion cream au gratin as a starterand then a rich pan of snails for the meal.

2. The vineyard La Halte des Pèlerins

Have you ever visited a winery? Whether your answer is yes or no, here is one that is worth discovering and that has made it into our top 10 in Quebec! Glamping enthusiasts in the Eastern Townships will be delighted with the experience offered by La Halte des Pèlerins winery in Sherbrooke. Make a visit to discover and taste delicious local wines!

3. Les Vraies Richesses, a jewel in our top 10 in Quebec

With a catalog of sandwiches, desserts and sweets to dream about, it's no surprise that Les Vraies Richesses is in our top 10. For your picnics or to spoil yourself, take a trip to this little bakery-cafe in Sherbrookeyou won't regret it.

Top 10 Quebec: where to eat in Magog-Orford

4. Magog's microphones

If Sherbrooke has the Siboire and the Mare au Diable, Magog has nothing to envy it thanks to La Memphré and the Cherry River distillery.

At La Memphré, delicious delicious local micro beers and a tasty menu, onion rings and cheese and beer dip for starters, great burgers, poutine, salads and grilled meats for lunch and some original desserts.

The Cherry River Distillery is the perfect place to sip a late night cocktail. Discover also some delicious ready-to-drink drinks to elevate your your glamping trip in the Eastern Townships..

where to eat magog

5. The Family Orchard and companions

If your glamping trip is in the fall and with the family, the Family and Companion Orchard is a great outing idea for you and your kids. Pick your own apples in this cozy orchard and discover and discover a wide range of apple productsas well as tasty prepared foods.

6. La Causerie, one of our top 10 gourmet experiences in Quebec

La Causerie is a small restaurant located in Magog-Orford and run by a very talented chef-owner. He offers an unbeatable gastronomic experience in the region with fusion dishes between India, Asia and Europe. A truly surprising and delicious cuisine - but don't forget to reserve! Places are limited.

Top 10 Quebec: where to eat in North Hatley


7. Les Étangs organic blueberry farm

During your stay at Station Chêne Rouge, the the best ready-to-camp in the Eastern Townshipswe offer a slightly different experience: blueberry picking! In addition to tasting delicious freshly picked blueberries, you will find many original blueberry products.

8. Domaine Bergeville

Discovering the Domaine Bergeville vineyard is another unique experience offered in the Eastern Townships. They offer several types of activities: 

  • The sommelier workshop to discover 3 wines with your 5 senses
  • The visit to learn more about viticulture
  • Commented tastings
  • The possibility to organize private events

9. Pilsen Restaurant & Pub

Pilsen Restaurant & Pub offers a variety of delicious local and imported beers, as well as a gourmet menu. A delicious octopus salad, tasty burgers, tartars and meat cuts, mussels, and more. This North Hatley gem is the place to eat the place to eat near Station Chêne Rouge! It is located only 7-8 minutes from your glamping site.

10. The René Richard butcher shop deserves its place in our top 10 in Quebec!

René Richard's butcher shop offers a plethora of tasty products in addition to many prepared meals. If you don't want to cook during your vacation, you will be delighted to discover tasty ready-to-eat meals. Just heat them up and enjoy! We recommend their sausages for your barbecues, a real delight.

The bonus of our top 10 in Quebec!

glamping quebec

If you love fresh food and discovering new foods, we invite you to visit Compton! La fromagerie La Station is the perfect place for cheese lovers. The public market or the Vallons Maraîchers are also good places to get all kinds of fresh local products.

When you go to Station Chêne Rouge, plan more than just a glamping stay - it's It's THE trip for epicureans and epicureans! We're sure you'll find time to try everything. After all, you'll love your stay so much you'll come back!

We also take this opportunity to give a little nod to the 11-county micro in Cookshire-Eaton. If you are a beer lover, don't hesitate to visit them for a tasting... or a whole evening of pleasure!

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