When the Destination is the Journey

Technology, work and urban life have more than ever increased our need to renew our relationship with nature. Glamping offers an innovative way to experience the art of outdoor life.

But glamping isn't just about getting away. It is an opportunity to escape, experience and explore... A unique way of discovering new locations, cultures and activities in an environmentally conscious way without totally sacrificing the little luxuries. Simplifying the process creates a more meaningful personal experience.

That's why Glampsource's mission is to find and share unique, authentic, picturesque, custom-built and sometimes quirky wilderness lodging experiences - because ultimately, as we discover them, we find ourselves...




Project manager and vision manager

Proud entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the sports fashion industry. Researcher, trendsetter, glamping expert, relationship builder, I am the vision behind this project.

An ethics and aesthetics agent that brings people together to highlight brand stories and experiences. Inspired by nature and creative people, my goal is to build communities that matter.

I aspire to create businesses and relationships that balance goals and profit.



Experience Director and Partner

Bachelor of Education turned serial entrepreneur.

Nature lover, proud mother, food and wine lover, cycling enthusiast. Passionate about sunsets, travel and discovery. I aspire to explore the rugged coasts of Western Canada.

I am a listener and a careful observer. I constantly strive to provide the best possible customer experience.



Creative director and partner

Designer, artist, problem solver. 25 years of experience helping customers be a better version of themselves through their brand.

Lover of all that is modern and rustic. Simplicity is the key. Builder of motorcycles, furniture and custom homes. Swapped the city centre for the North in order to be closer to nature and myself.

Seeing clearly, thinking differently, defying conventions and having fun in the creative process.